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Is your chimney prepared to provide warmth and comfort along with safety and protection for you and your family? Yes, you can use a torch or the flashlight of your phone to look up the chimney, but do you understand what to check for? Our expert chimney inspectors at A1 Top Quality Roofing offer a 12-point chimney assessment to give you the insights you need to make a sensible move.

We are experienced in performing chimney inspections and repairs for houses located in New Jersey. Experts from A1 Top Quality Roofing carry out Level 2 inspections in compliance with the standards of the Chimney Safety Institute of America using the exclusive 12-point chimney inspection checklist. Professionals may perform a more comprehensive analysis of your chimney using the camera as necessary, assisting in providing you with more specific details about the chimney.

chimney inspection services

Always keep a watch for certain danger signs for some common chimney trouble. The more rapidly and effectively a chimney trouble may be rectified, the earlier it is recognized. A chimney fire, which may prove to be a terrifying prospect for any homeowner, is probably the most critical and evident warning that your chimney requires some maintenance. Chimney fires particularly occur when a flame sparks creosote which is present inside the chimney. You might hear a loud bursting or cracking noise coming from the chimney when a chimney fire begins, and you can also observe toxic smoke rising from it.

What Are A few Typical Chimney Troubles?

Fire pits and chimneys are complex mechanisms that need all elements to be in perfect operational order if they are to be efficiently and safely operated. Some of the typical chimney malfunctioning troubles we identify are as follows.

  1. Splintered Chimney Masonry:

Since it’s situated on your rooftop, your masonry chimney is exposed to severe weather patterns, it is particularly vulnerable to splinters and mortar cracking. Despite being a very simple repair, if the problem is not handled effectively, it might end in a significant systemic issue.

  • Damaged Chimney Flashing:

The element of your chimney which shields the junction where your chimney and the roof connect is called the flashing. It is essential in the defense against water and, if not installed or handled correctly, can lead to chimney problems and roof leaks.

  • Broken or Damaged Chimney Crown:

Your chimney crown is a feature that helps in deflecting water away from the flashing at the bottom of the chimney and the masonry foundation.  Cracks in the chimney crown will allow water to seep into the brickwork, potentially damaging the chimney and encouraging the growth of mold and mildew.

  • Severe Water Damage:

Water is the primary threat to your chimney, and it can emerge in a variety of forms. Without effective defense against this water threat, your chimney could become dysfunctional and your house may endure significant harm.

  • Destruction of chimney caps:

Your chimney cap serves to block intrusion by water, debris, and rodents in your chimney. A variety of problems could emerge if your chimney cap is missing or damaged, which would expose the interior of your chimney.

chimney inspection services

How Often Should You Perform Chimney Inspection in New Jersey?

Regular chimney cleaning and inspection are encouraged by professionals with expertise in the area of chimney safety. You must get your chimney to be inspected at least once or twice a year. This is the perfect approach for reducing fires and enhancing the safety of your house. When it concerns your chimney assessment, the main question is never “should you perform chimney inspection,” but rather “How often”? A  New Jersey chimney should be cleaned and inspected each year, as per the advice of experts in chimney maintenance and leading local contractors. The clear truth is that domestic fires do happen, and in those instances, there are typically tragic consequences. There were 365,500 major domestic or residential fires in 2011, with 2,240 deaths and 13,400 injuries, with over $6.46 billion in property losses.

Annual inspections of your chimney and hearth to ensure their stability and efficiency is one of the effective approaches to minimizing the incidence of residential fires.

Different Types of Chimney Inspection Services in New Jersey.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America has designed and established three different levels of chimney safety checks. At A1 Top Quality Roofing, our experienced roof inspectors will help you determine which inspection level is the most appropriate for you.

  • Level I Chimney Inspection:

 All easily accessible exterior or interior sections of the chimney as well as the approachable aspects of appliance and chimney interfaces are addressed under Level I chimney inspection. Video analysis is not a feature of a Level I chimney inspection, however, you may include it to obtain a more comprehensive evaluation of the chimney or fireplace.

  • Level II Chimney Inspection:

The National Fire Protection Association advises a Level II chimney inspection when you’re purchasing or selling a property. Every contract has are different inspection standards, yet it’s highly suggested that the chimney be thoroughly examined to avoid future, costly repairs. Most chimney inspectors don’t have the expertise required to evaluate the chimney’s health. A Level II chimney examination involves video screening and addresses all the accessible interior and exterior sections of your chimney, including areas in exposed stairwells, crawl spaces, and cellars.

  • Level III Chimney Inspection:

This type of chimney inspection is designed to identify structural damage or flaws in inaccessible sections of the chimney.   If your property suffers destruction as a consequence of a chimney fire or a significant storm, which encompasses damage due to lightning, strong winds, and earthquakes, you must typically demand a Level III chimney inspection from a local roofing or chimney inspection company in New Jersey. A Level III chimney inspection will be recommended if a Level I or Level II inspection fail to detect the flaws in your fire system or cannot determine the stability and safety of your chimney. If any sort of problem develops during the process of chimney inspection, our expert technicians are prepared to repair your hearth and chimney to appropriate operational conditions.

Best Chimney Inspection Services in New Jersey

 Are you looking for the best, most reliable, and most affordable chimney inspection services in New Jersey, A1 Top Quality Roofing can help! Our expert and qualified team of professional chimney inspectors can help you to determine the possible flaws and danger indications in your fire system and suggest the most suitable repair solutions for you. Our trained, experienced and licensed chimney contractors can conduct all three levels of chimney inspection designed by The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). You may trust our expertise since A1 Top Quality Roofing has been delivering the best local chimney inspection services in New Jersey for years.

 We provide you with complete information about the features of your new chimney and perform a comprehensive examination of your chimney caps and flashings to detect any possible problems. Moreover, our chimney experts conduct testing of Chimney Caps and Dampers, through evaluation of your chimney’s exterior, repair of damaged sections along with the removal of creosote or ash from your chimney.

 Without conducting an inspection, it might be difficult to figure out if your system requires repair or if just a chimney cleaning procedure can solve the matter. You will be provided with a comprehensive color report with pictures outlining the inspection’s outcomes along with your chimney assessment as part of your complete house inspection from A1 Top Quality Roofing in New Jersey.